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28 April, 2014
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13 September, 2015
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The leisure painter article

The following is taken from an article in the The Leisure Painter and the Artist art courses and holiday supplement,
written by Amanda Cooper,  who has kindly given her permission for us to pass on this excellent advice.

How to make the most of your time away.

  1. -The best websites can be deceptive.
  2. -It is a case of what is left out, rather than what is included.
  3. -The best recommendation is word of mouth.
  4. -Google the tutor
  5. -Contact the tutor and the venue directly.
  6. -Ask about the itinerary and how often do you go out on location painting.
  7. -Ask how your kit is taken to the different locations, is it taken for you or do you have to carry it.
  8. -Ask if easels, stools or chairs are included in the price for when you go out on location painting.
  9. -Ask about the climate at the time you wish to go. Is there a studio for use in inclement weather.
  10. -If materials are offered enquire as to exactly which ones. Are cleaning materials included.
  11. -Check the small print to see if ALL meals are included and if alcohol is as well.
  12. -If you are sharing make sure that the twin room is a large twin room.
  13. -Check that airport transfers are included or do you have to find your own way to some isolated location in the middle of the night.






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