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Pablo Ruben Lopez watercolour artist

Pablo Ruben Lopez watercolour artist


Pablo Ruben Lopez  is an artist of Griñón, a small town south of Madrid and near the historic city of Toledo where he has his studio. Pablo Ruben has been painting all her life but during the last ten years when it has been fully dedicated to art. He learned from various teachers in Spain and in recent years has taken courses with internationally known as watercolorists Alvaro Castagnet and Joseph Zbukvic. Oil paints, acrylic and watercolor, but watercolor is a technique that is working more in depth lately because it is the medium that allows less time to finish a work and a more spontaneous result. In Spain every weekend there are plenty of fast painting contests outdoor and Pablo Ruben in watercolor best way to complete these works in 3 or 4 hours. He likes to paint outdoors, and always carries his watercolors ready to paint or sketch anywhere. In 2010 he won two of the most important awards in Spain, one of them was “El Retiro” where over 800 painters and which won first prize. Another award was particularly important painting Spanish Air Force. Pablo Ruben takes a great game scenes and landscapes where others see nothing to paint, this is part of his art.


Although it is a young painter, and spent several years teaching workshop worldwide. Paul Ruben is requested to give their master classes from the most remote countries.
A great teacher who knows how to convey to his students his love of watercolor.


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