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Olga Litvinenko Artist

Olga Litvinenko lives and works in St. Petersburg,Russia.
Olga graduated from the State Academy of painting, a sculpture and architecture of I.E. Repin in St. Petersburg.

Olga Litvinenko studied at the graphic faculty in a workshop under the leadership of professors V.A. Vetrogonsky and M. M. Gerasimov, the National artist of the Russian Federation, professor Vladimir Georgiyevich Starov had especially significant impact on the training of watercolor painting.

While still a student, Olga Litvinenko began exhibiting her work and became the winner of a competition for grants of art, at higher education institutions of St. Petersburg. Creative works of Olga Litvinenko have been exhibited at many St. Petersburg, Russian and foreign exhibitions. Some of her work is held in private collections around the world, including Russia, America, France, China and Korea.

Within Olga Litvinenko’s work, can be seen the sharp composite decision, expressive drawing and the professional possession of graphic materials, all of which are characteristic of her individual style.








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