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I love painting skies and i think they are the key to a great landscape. I have a fascination for storms and extreme weather, weather that is a sunrise at -20 degrees in winter, a stunning sunset or a growing supercell in the height of summer, these are the key elements to my painting. I work very quickly trying to capture these weather phenomena, usually no more than 50 – 80 minutes. I feel this speed of free painting helps capture the movements within a landscape.

Not only does Les Darlow love to paint, he also loves to teach and to demonstrate, especially the fantastic shades and forms that can be produced with pastels. Les initially trained as a technical and scientific illustrator. As he says:

“I have now managed to free myself from the technical preciseness of a photo realistic painting and to paint expressively to create paintings that are based on feelings and moods”

Les Darlow is Ambassador Canson

Les Darlow is Ambassador Canson

Les Darlow has a great passion for weather patterns and landscapes. His belief is that the same scene can be painted many times, and each time will be different as the light and weather change every minute.


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