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Keiko Tanabe – September 2016 – Unforgettable memories

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Keiko-Tanabe-Spain-Workshop-2016-23Keiko Tanabe – September 2016 – Unforgettable memories

September this year was a great month. The temperature was perfect, not too hot nor too cool. Really , a fantastic month to remember.

The day before the start of the workshop we had the opportunity to visit the coastal town of Denia with Keiko and Barbara.
After a walk to explore and enjoy the town, it was time to eat. So finding  shelter from the sun on the terrace of one of the hundreds of restaurants that fill the streets of Denia, we all had a fine lunch.

We returned later  that afternoon to “Orquideas”, in time to welcome the arrival of the students.

We had our evening meal, over which we talked and got to know each other a little better. The students made a very interesting group, with people from many different countries; the USA, Ireland, France, England, Greece and Italy.
We always keep our workshops to a very limited number of students and that makes everything always be very family orientated and easily facilitates  looking after the individual needs of everyone.


On Monday morning we started the workshop. We were all happy and eager to learn the teachings of Keiko Tanabe.
She spoke to us of the materials she uses, basic concepts and completed the first of her demonstrations.

After students worked throughout the morning, under the guidance of Keiko Tanabe, it was time for lunch.
We enjoyed a magnificent variety of  dishes on the terrace and had a couple of hours to chat and relax.


At about five o’clock we returned to work in the studio and Keiko delighted us all with a new demonstration.
We then continued working until about half past seven. Relaxing then until it was time for our evening meal.


Today began with a twenty minute drive to the medieval castle town of Xativa. Sometimes it is difficult to choose a view to paint, our visit to Xativa was no exception.  There is such a diversity of beautiful sites here that every student will find a beautiful situation.

Keiko-Tanabe-Spain-Workshop-2016-19The day was perfect for walking around inside the castle ruins. For Keiko, it was her first visit here, it is a very inspiring place for a new demonstration. Afterwards the students begin to paint under the supervision of Keiko.


We had our lunch within the Castle grounds where we enjoyed a lovely feast, made from local produce, on the terrace of the restaurant, with views that delighted us all.



After regaining our strength, we proceeded down into the old town of Xativa. We wandered through the streets to the search for a new place that was inspiring for Keiko. It was not long before we found the ideal location. We entered a small square full of terraces, cobbled streets and  a variety of buildings. Where after a final painting demonstration of the day, we shared conversation about our thoughts of the day, accompanied of course, by coffee and drinks.

Students do their paintings supervised by Keiko and returned to rest at “Las Orchids” until dinnertime.

After a hearty breakfast, it was a five minute journey down to the centre of town. Benigánim is a small pueblo sitting in a picturesque valley  full of charm. The local people were very interested in the paintings of Keiko, especially when she began painting in the main square.


Students began their paintings later. There was also time for a mid-morning coffee break.
More painting then the short trip back to Las Orquideas for lunch.


In the afternoon, Keiko Tanabe did a new demonstration in the beautiful gardens of the house.
The views are great and the temperature is ideal.

Later, students practiced what they had learned from the demonstration with Keiko Tanabe suggesting any necessary corrections.
Again, a relaxing time before we meet for the evening meal.


A new day and a new excursion awaits us. We are all very excited. Valencia is our destination and promises to be a journey full of emotions.


After strolling through the ancient streets of Valencia, we reach the Plaza de la Virgen, a symbolic place, full of attractive buildings, terraces, cafés and visitors.
Keiko Tanabe decided to do a demonstration from a very beautiful location, with the cathedral in the background, café umbrellas and sightseers.

Students then began their paintings while Keiko monitored their work. The results are spectacular.


Lunch was taken in a typical restaurant in the center of the old part of Valencia. We laughed and shared stories of the day.


After walking the streets full of charm we went to another lovely area and close to Valencia; Port Saplaya, Alboraya.
Some call Port Saplaya, “Little Venice”. It really is a beautiful place, full of charm and countless places to paint.


Back to “Orquideas” sharing our impressions of this day to remember.

We made a short stop at the City of Arts and Sciences and saw the amazing futuristic architecture of Santiago Calatrava.



Today is the last day of the workshop. It’s amazing how quickly the week passes.
We started the class in the studio. Keiko did her penultimate demonstration of the week. This time, explaining a large number of tips and tricks for painting cars and other urban objects.
Students work on their paintings while Keiko made the necessary corrections and answered any queries the students had.


We had lunch on the terrace. The day is fantastic and everything tastes better with good weather and great company.

After a relaxing for a while, we continued the afternoon class. Keiko completing her final demonstration in the studio and after discussing the works of the students Keiko presented everyone with a diploma.


Before graduation dinner, it’s time to talk and share opinions and experiences. Also sharing email addresses to keep in touch with new friends.


The workshop has been fantastic. Keiko Tanabe is a great teacher, but above all it is a great person, friendly, hardworking and with a great sense of humor.
For us it has been a pleasure to share this experience with her and we have new dates for a new workshop in Valencia in 2018.



Thanks to all ,,, See you soon ..


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