1Is the course price really fully inclusive?
Apart from air fares, yes. With this painting holiday, leave your wallet at home. No hidden charges. No more to pay. No nasty extra surprises, only very pleasant ones.
2Can you guarantee that there no hidden extra costs?
Yes, absolutely, this is an inclusive art course, we inform you of the materials your tutor suggests that you will require for their course and which of these we supply. Extra materials, paper, paints, brushes, etc. can be purchased from the studio. All meals, snacks and drinks at "Las Orquideas" are included, drinks with meals on location are also included but extra food and drink ordered in a restaurant / bar are not included. Some people like to take excursions to nearby towns, which can be arranged and a small charge is occasionally made for these.
3Is there anything that I should bring?
You Should bring comfortable walking shoes and shoes for indoors, sun cream, insect repellent, personal toiletries, although shampoos and soaps are supplied in all the bathrooms.
4Do I need to bring linen or towels?
Everything you need is provided; all linen and towels, including swimminp pool towels.
5Although I am quite fit, I have difficulty in walking very far, will this be a problem?
Our gardens are on a slope, therefore there are steps or gradients from each area. We always try to park the transport as close to the painting location as possible, it should be remembered that this is Spain and some of the best areas for landscape painting are over uneven terrain. We will always adapt our itinerary to suit each group. If you consider that walking might be an issue please notify us at the time of booking and we will advise you on the best course for you.
6I have very little painting experience, is it still worth me coming?
Yes, some of our tutors specialise in teaching beginners and are excellent at encouraging total beginners and at finding the hidden talents of all the art students. If you choose one of our beginners holidays you will be with others of the same level. In one week you will not become an expert but you will have plenty of fun and enjoy learning. We will inform you about the level of each course when you make an enquiry.
7Would I have to start very early every morning?
No, this is Spain. We like to start after breakfast, at about 10:00 am. but it is up to you, it´s your holiday, but if we are working on location then everyone has to be ready at the same time, and we may have to leave earlier. If one day, you do not feel like painting, then just relax by the pool. Obviously the intermediate/advanced level courses are more intense, a lot more painting than holidaying, and we do start earlier in the morning and work later.
8How many students are usually on each course?
The absolute maximum number of people we can have staying with us at any one time is 14. Our aim is to average 8. Some of these would be non-painters, so we usually expect to have somewhere between six and nine art students on each art course.
9Can I use the studio in the evenings?
The studio is there for you to use at any time between after breakfast and the evening meal
10What if I am travelling alone?
We are very experienced at catering for individuals; we find that we usually average 80% of single travellers in each of our groups and we ensure that no one is left out.
11Will I have to share?
All our rooms are twin or double, with private en-suite fascilities. All rooms are available for single or shared use, therefore sharing is entirely optional. Of course non painting partners are required to share. We have now adapted our rates to encourage people to bring a painting or non painting partner to share.
12Some of the courses I have been on I only saw the tutor for a few minutes a day. Are your courses the same?
All our tutors are solely committed to each group of students and do not do any other work during the week and as they only have a few students at a time they are able to give personal, individual attention to each student. Sometimes this may include extra one to one sessions. And of course we all have our meals together.
13I am hoping to persuade my non painting friend to come with me, what can they do?
Our new pricing structure means that they can always join in to watch the demonstrations, they are included in all the trips out, or within the garden there is a swimming pool, tennis court and petanque terrain. There are many places just to sit and relax or read. We are also able to provide other activities; walking, cooking, mountain biking or sightseeing.
14Do non-painting partners join us for meals?
Yes, we offer all inclusive activity / relaxation holidays and we all eat our meals together, apart from breakfast, which is buffet style and everyone helps themselves.
15Can you cater for special diets?
We are quite used to catering for vegetarians, also gluten free diets, as well as peoples personal likes / dislikes, provided that we are notified at the time of booking. Of course consideration must be given to where we are (rural Spain) and we may not be able to fully accommodate every possible diet.
16I do not want to be tied to a course structure; can I come with my friends and just paint?
We do offer non-tuition painting weeks, where groups of friends, art club groups or individuals can come and paint, draw or just talk art at their leisure.
17Which airport do I fly to?
We include transfers from and to Valencia, approximately 70 minutes drive, and Alicante, approximately 85 minutes drive, within the inclusive price.
18What are the pick-up and drop-off times at the airport on the first and last days of my holiday?
We prefer pm arrivals and am departures. We will always try to accommodate different arrival times but there may be a wait if two arrivals or departures are close together.
19need help to book your flight?
If you require assistance in finding a suitable flight we can recommend a lady called Tract German, she is based in Cheshire, UK. You will find her very helpful and knowledgeable. Go to her website www.travelcounsellors.co.uk or give her a call on 01625 837520
20Is there Wi Fi?
Yes, it is free, but it can be intermittent, 75% of the time it is available everywhere and most of the time in and around the main villa.
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