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Ekaterina Ziuzina Watercolor Artist

Ekaterina Ziuzina Watercolor Artist

Ekaterina Ziuzina was born in  Novorgudok in Belarus.

A renowned watercolourist within the art world today. Ekaterina Ziuzina uses her great skill of subtlety and representation within her many diverse subjects. Particularly in her detailed paintings of animals, which always show a great sense of passion and understanding. One of her great strengths lies in the amazing transparency which she manages to create in all her still life and life paintings.


Graduated from the Belarusian National Technical University,

majoring in architecture in 2012.

Worked as an architect and artist for some years.

2009 -2014 Participated in national art group exhibitions in Minsk, Belarus.

2014 – Contest IWS.

2014 – Cappadocia Watercolor Biennial IWS, Turkey

2014 – World Watermedia Exposition, Thailand

2014 – International Watercolor Festival in Aiguillon, France

2014 – Workshops in Fabriano, Italy

2015 – Exhibition Masters Of Watercolor, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2015 –  1st International Watercolor Exhibit, Mexico

2015 – Top 20 Contest IWS.

2015 – World Watercolor Triennale in Seoul, South Korea

2015 – International Watercolor Exhibition IWS in Vietnam

2015 – Leader of Belarus in International Watercolor Exhibition, Fabriano, Italy

2015 – Izmir Watercolor Biennial IWS, Turkey

2015 – 75th Annual International Open Exhibition NWWS, Seattle, USA

2015 – NWS All Member Exhibition, San Pedro, USA

2015 – International  Watercolour Exhibition, Indonesia, Bali

2015 – Watercolour Biennial Castra, Special diploma, Slovenia

2015 – Publication in the magazine The Art Of Watercolour

2015 – International Festival of Watercolor” , Tirana , ALBANIA


2015 – International Exhibition ART-BELARUS, Minsk, Belarus

2015 – Worshops in Spain, Dalvaro Art.

2015 – Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial Exhibition, China

2015 – Watercolour Exhibition of Belgium


Head of International Watercolor Society of Belarus.

Architect, artist and designer.

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