Pablo Ruben – Painting watercolour landscape – (25-06-2017)


Come and paint with Pablo Ruben. Pablo is a very talented artist, specializing in painting outdoors. Each year, his prize list grows considerably. He specialises in painting outdoors in large formats, he will show you how not to be intimidated by the large blank paper. Enjoy learning everything you ever wanted to know about watercolour; tricks, trade secrets, fast painting technique and effects.
Your paintings will significantly improve after this course with Pablo Ruben. He will teach you, in an easy and fun way, how to paint watercolour using reference photographs and also watercolour painting outdoors.
We will wait for you…

Pablo Ruben watercolour artist

This course is now only

1395€ per person

(Single Room)

Beginners and Intermediates

Course start date Monday 26th June 2017

Accommodation is available for six nights from Sunday 25th of June 2017


Steps and helps to make the reservation and final payment

First payment

Make The first payment of 250 Euros (this payment guarantees reservation in the course chosen

Second payment
With two months in advance you should make the second payment (final payment), the cost depends on the selected option.


Pablo Ruben Course Prices Options
Single Room Shared with a painter Shared with a non painter
Pablo Ruben (June 25th to July 01st) 1395€ 2665€ 2435€

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Pablo Ruben  – Painting watercolour landscape – (25-06-2017)


Course Description:

The course objective is to learn how to interpret and synthesize townscapes and natural landscapes, directly with watercolour and learn a variety of techniques and different forms of working. Teaching is personalized so that no matter what the level of each student is, Pablo will guide everyone through the course.


  • – Folding or field easel. Bring your own or these are freely available for use during your Dalvaro holiday.

  • – Board, foam board or plywood to paste the sheets of paper, up to 50 x 70cm. Plywood boards are freely available from the studio.

  • – Water Cube, advisable to have handle or rope to hang the stand. Water containers are freely available from the studio.

  • – Masking tape. Bring your own or is freely available from the studio.

  • – Brushes petit gris and synthetic type, the usual watercolour. It is advisable to bring your own brushes, but they can be purchased from the studio.

  • – Folder for transporting paper sheets.

  • – Arches paper 300g. Coarse, this is the most important because in other roles substantially change the result. With two full sheets of Arches 56 x 76 cut into 4 pieces each is sufficient for the entire course. The size at which the work will be approximately A4. This is supplied by Dalvaro Art, see the art pack below.

  • – Pencil and eraser.

  • – Folding palette or laptop to hold in hand and not have to use auxiliary table. Folding palette supplied by Dalvaro Art, see the art pack below.


Pablo indicates the colours which he uses, but they are not mandatory and everyone can work with their own range of colours and brands, whichever you are comfortable with.

  • – Ultramarine (W & N)

  • – Cerulean blue (W & N)

  • – Cadmium Yellow (W & N)

  • – Opera or Magenta Rose (W & N)

  • – Indigo (Rembrandt)

  • – Sepia (W & N)

  • – Sienna (W & N)

  • – Yellow ocher (W & N)

  • – Clear turquoise cobalt (W & N)

  • – Cadmium orange or red (W & N)

  • – Lavender (Holbein)

  • – Pink Shell (Holbein)

  • – Jaune brillant 1 (Holbein)

  • – Jaune brillant 2 (Holbein)

  • – Lilac (Holbein)

  • – Opaque white gouache or tempera.

  • For paints supplied by Dalvaro Art see art pack below.

As a tip, to move with all this material, ideally take in hand the folder and easel, carry the materials in a backpack or shoulder bag. If you want you can bring camera to take pictures, I have no objection. No videos, please.

Course methodology:

All the exercises are well studied and will address the following contents:

  • – Study of the moisture content of the paper and drying times for support and control of the media.

  • – Types of brushes, paper, pallets and auxiliary materials.

  • – Control of water and pigment concentrations in the washes.

  • – Gradients in watercolour and tilt control to create uniform planes.

  • – From light to dark: the process of developing a watercolour.

  • – The white colour, gouache reserves and lights.

  • – The importance of the contour (“Lost & Found”) soft or sharp edges.

  • – Simple reflections in still water.

  • – Textures in watercolour. Binders and support materials.

  • – Layered colour temperature, from warm to cold.

  • – Tonal value shades, atmospheres and environments.

  • – Glazes, pigment scratched and subtracted when wet.

  • – Depth related water-pigment (background, middle ground and foreground) relationship.

  • – Characters and vehicles within the urban landscape. Proportions and solutions with watercolour.

  • – Vertical integration of architecture, with gouaches.

  • – Complex reflections in moving water and wet surfaces.

  • – Composition and layered landscape.

  • – Synthesis and selection of the focal point.

  • – Colour gamut and harmony. Backlight and direct light.

  • – Choreography in the landscape.

Your Free Art Pack.

On the first day of your course at Las Orquideas each artist will be presented with a free art pack.


Dalvaro Art Bag.

Metal palette.

Selection of 12, 5ml, Miele, watercolour paints.

Sufficient paper for the course.


This is a guideline only, as there maybe factors outside our control which can easily force changes to be made.

Sunday 25th June;

Arrival day.

Pablo Ruben painting plein air

Pablo Ruben painting plein air

Monday 26th June;

Get to know each other. Morning usually begins in the studio with an introduction to the course, presentation of your free art pack and a discussion about the materials you will be using. Followed by a demonstration showing the process Pablo uses to produce his paintings.

After lunch each student decides on a location within the gardens to make a sketch ready for a painting of their choice.

Tuesday 27th June;

Pablo Ruben watercolor landscape demostration

After breakfast a mornings trip out to Denia, lunch at a local restaurant, we will continue our session after lunch before returning to Las Orquideas.

Wednesday 28th June;

Today we stay close to home, to paint at one of the many wonderful locations within a short drive of Las Orquideas. The afternoon session is spent in the gardens and/or the studio.

Thursday 29th June;

A full day trip  to Valencia city . Painting in the morning, which is continued after lunch or we spend the afternoon sightseeing.

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Friday 30th June;

Morning is spent finalising the weeks work. Lunch is followed by a presentation of the weeks work and evaluation of the course. This is followed by an evening meal in the town.


Saturday 01st July;

Departure day

Additional Information

Arrival Date

Sunday 25th June 2017

Start Date

Monday 26th June 2017

Cost in Euros €

1395 €

Day workshop

5 Days

Nights in the house

6 Nights




Beginners and Intermediates

Departure date

Saturday 01st July 2017


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