Antonio Giacomin – Light and shadow in watercolour – (23-08-2016)


Join Antonio Giacomin for four days of workshop painting outdoors and in the studio, in this beautiful and inspiring region of Spain.
We will make two nice tours that will paint outdoors.
Also we will paint in the studio, addressing an interesting variety of topics; including landscapes, boats, water, reflections, figures and street scenes. Also painting of objects; still lifes, bicycles, puppets, canning jars, etc.

Antonio will guide you through techniques to simplify the issue as well as the creation of the mood, the atmosphere and the impact on their work. Aimed at students who are confident with the basics of watercolor and want to develop their skills to work in plein air.

We will wait for you…


This course is now only

995€ per person

(Single Room)

All levels

Course start date Wednesday 24th August 2016

Accommodation is available for five nights from Tuesday the 23th of August 2016

Antonio Giacomin Course Prices Options
Single Room Shared with a painter Shared with a non painter
Antonio Giacomin (August 23th to 28th) 995€ 1935€ 1800€

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Antonio Giacomin – Light and shadow in watercolour – (23-08-2016)


Giacomin, in love with the light and shadow and driven by a passion to paint with this means, search in nature and unlikely things the sense of humor to turn ordinary items into works of art.

Aimed at all interested in painting watercolor, students will find this course, the techniques and methods required for a complete understanding of this environment, encourage students to create their own works.
Will be covered in this course, the importance of drawing and sketches in watercolor, composition and basic perspective, simplifying what you see, the use of color and how to use a palette of pigments, light and shadow, the importance of white on paper, as capture the essence outdoors, how to overcome anxiety and speed of our goal, working art with passion and have the same part of our daily lives, transforming them into moments of relaxation and pleasure.

The artist will perform two to three paintings a day and some exercises in the morning and afternoon (approx. ¼ and ½ sheet) and will follow up with all participants.
The topics will be from landscapes, the artist takes as a sample, as well as general elements captured on-site course.



Cerulean blue, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue (Winsor blue), Payne’s Grey (neutral tint), Hooker’s Green or (sap green, viridian), Cobalt Turquoise, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red (scarlet lake), Cadmium orange, Raw Sienna, Raw umber, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow, pigments and others who want to take.

big round mop and round pointed brushes, squirrel and sable or Synthetic or medium sable rigger.

The artist will perform two to three paintings a day and some exercises in the morning and afternoon (approx. ¼ and ½ sheet)

Additional items:
Sketch pad to small studies, masking tape, polycarbonate or similar to attach the leaf, pencil or pencil with graphite 4B pot for water, rags or paper towels. And Much disposition and passion for art!


This is a guideline only, as there maybe factors outside our control which can easily force changes to be made.

Tuesday 23th August;

Arrival day.


Wednesday 24th August;

Get to know each other. Morning usually begins in the studio with an introduction to the course, presentation of your free art pack and a discussion about the materials you will be using. Followed by a demonstration showing the process Antonio uses to produce his paintings.


After lunch each student decides on a location within the gardens to make a sketch ready for a painting of their choice.

Thursday 25th August;

After breakfast a mornings trip out to Denia, lunch at a local restaurant, we will continue our session after lunch before returning to Las Orquideas.


Friday 26th August;

Today we stay close to home, to paint at one of the many wonderful locations within a short drive of Las Orquideas. The afternoon session is spent in the gardens and/or the studio.

Saturday 27th August;

A full day trip, either to Valencia city or Bocairent. Painting in the morning, which is continued after lunch or we spend the afternoon sightseeing.

Bocairent Photos Gallery

Valencia Photos Gallery


Sunday 28th August;

Departure day






Additional Information

Arrival Date

Tuesday 23th August 2016

Start Date

Wednesday 24th August 2016

Cost in Euros €

995 €

Day workshop

4 Days

Nights in the house

5 Nights




All levels

Departure date

Sunday 28th August 2016


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