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Anne Kerr is a professional artist and qualified teacher with over 30 years teaching experience in Further and Higher Education.  Anne runs classes at her home studio and teaches on painting holidays in several European countries. Having worked in all painting mediums, she now specialises in watercolour, line and wash and soft pastel. She strongly believes that painting and drawing should be fun.  Many of her students return year after year as they know  they will have, not only a very informative time but it will also be conducted in a relaxing and fun atmosphere.

Anne Kerr Artist in Dalvaro Art Courses

Anne Kerr Artist at a Dalvaro Art Course

I firmly believe that anybody can paint. You just need the desire to want to paint, together with a little basic instruction.

I wonder how many of us can relate to the following;

You read a book about painting, you buy all the recommended brushes and paints, you have a go but it doesn´t work very well.

So, you buy another book that recommends completely different brushes and a new range of colours. You purchase all of these and have another go – that didn´t work either.

You buy yet a third book and buy yet another recommended range of brushes and colours. Still not happy with the results you give up, convinced that you will never be able to paint. (you are now also very poor!)

Every book you read will suggest different materials and different methods. The secret of learning to paint is to decide on your medium, decide on a few basic brushes, decide on a few basic colours and stick to them like glue. When, and only when, you feel confident, move on to using more colours and trying new techniques.

Anne Kerr has had solo exhibitions across Europe and the United States, many of her paintings are in private collections worldwide. She has been the guest judge for several exhibitions in both the UK and the USA. She is a regular contributor to ‘Leisure Painter’ magazine, writing articles on all aspects of painting and drawing. Anne Kerr has also written several  ebooks on how to paint animals using soft pastels. Anne puts great emphasis on light and tone in her paintings to bring them to life.  She is also a great ambassador for using good quality art materials.  Anne is so keen for students to produce exciting work that she now has her own, Anne Kerr, brand of painting materials.

Anne and her husband now live in Spain, where she regularly holds exhibitions of her work.


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